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About Group

China Business Centre Group (CBC) is consisted of a number of companies and business which involved in import and export trades along with business consultancy.

Our strength

Gem Sri Lanka has the Gem Dealer License from the "National Gem and Jewelry Authority Sri Lanka".

We are authorized to purchase, sell, exchange or trade gems from Sri Lanka.

We also have exclusive Gold membership of Government Organization-National Gem and Jewelry Authorities in Sri Lanka. .

Our Guarantee Approving

Price:Gem Sri Lanka gets all gem stones from the mine directly.

Authenticity:Gem Sri Lanka ensures all the gem stones we are selling are No Fills, No Color Injections, and 100% natural.

Quality:Gem Sri Lanka has certificates for each stone, even for tiny ones.

Our Target, Our Service

  • ONLY export natural Sri Lanka Gemstones.
  • We supply semi-precious and precious stones in full range from Sri Lanka.
  • We supply stones with any size and any cut
  • Best pricing with trust and good prestige.
  • Free design and process from stone to jewelry.
  • Our target is “ Sri Lanka best Sapphires “


Gem Sri Lanka only deals with Gemstones from Sri Lanka. Our major products are Blue Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires, Green Sapphires, White Sapphires, Star Sapphires, Spinals, Cat-eyes, Tourmalines, and other Semi-Precious Gemstones originated from Sri Lanka.




Precious Stone

Semi-Precious Stone

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